Bahamas Recipes



Recipes from Bahamas that is what we have. Soul Food and drink from Auntie Rie’s kitchen. So you ready to start cooking some of our good old native Bahamian soul food recipes? This island breeze makes you want some of Auntie Rie’s scrumptious soul food dishes. Yes, this is our Bahamian thing. Me and Auntie Rie right here looking out over the sea deciding what fish we were going to send the boys to go fish for you all today.

There is nothing like some good old soul food home cooking: a nice fresh grouper, some small frying snapper, tuna steaks, mahi mahi, baked bonefish, cracked conch with some Peas ‘n’ rice, plantain, cole slaw or potato salad on the side uuumm uuumm, I could taste it now. You cannot get  healthier soul food recipes than the ones we are going to share with you. My dear, we are going to have a goodtime cooking up some good old Bahamian soul food recipes.

Recipes From BahamasOn a hot day like this you have to get yourself a big glass of switcher with ice, for all you non-Bahamians that is what we call our lemonade. But we don’t put our umbrellas in the glass, we put our glass under the umbrella along side a lounge chair or hammock and drink in the ocean breeze while we decide which Bahamian soul food recipe we will prepare that day . Now what makes our homemade recipes from Bahamas so special is that our culture is a melting pot of many nations and people. Yes sir, we international. We got African, European, German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Canadian, American and every bit of the Caribbean mixed all up in here.

And we are a creative group of people, especially when it comes to our soul food cooking. God has given us a gift to tantalize the pallet. So I know you are going to enjoy cooking up all of our Bahamian soul food recipes. We will show you how to turn your Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners into a homemade Bahamian feast.

Here in the Bahamas we look for any occasion to wipe up one of our delicious soul food dishes. For us life is to be celebrated and every party must have soul food.  So as you prepare to create one of my recipes from Bahamas make sure you set the mood; turn on some good Bahamian music, put on you your Androsia sun dress and apron and sing, dance and enjoy the moment. Believe it or not this is the secret to what makes Bahamian soul food so mouthwatering, lip smacking good.

We have a number of Soul food Bahamian breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that are sure to make your family say, “Uumm yeah man dis gooood!” We also have recipes from Cuba,Haiti,Jamaica,Puerto Rico, and much more. If you are “sweet mouth’ (an take a delight in sweet foods), you will love our soul food desserts, pastries and breads: things like guava, raisin and coconut duff, coconut tart, Benny cake, banana bread, potato bread and you have to try that homemade Johnny Cake. In the preparation of these soul food meals we will use specific ingredients, but don’t worry many of them can be found on your grocers’ self.

I am going to share some of Auntie Rie’s secret recipes and techniques also, but you have to promise not to tell.

Ok I know you maybe saying to yourself, why should I purchase Auntie Rie’s Soul Food recipes from Bahamas when I can get one free at another site? How would you feel if you spent your time and resource preparing a dish only to find out that because of one missing ingredient the dish is ruined? In the preparation of Bahamian Soul food every ingredient and technique is important to the final outcome. Would you prefer to get a recipe from someone who prepares that item everyday or someone who tasted it once or twice and borrowed the recipe? Wouldn’t it be nice to have suggestions on complementary dishes and accompaniments as well? Ok I thought so. Well  come on then lets get to cooking some good ole Bahamian Soul Food recipes.